May 30, 2020
What Size Chainsaw Do I Need For Milling?

What Size Chainsaw Do I Need For Milling?

What is a chainsaw?

A chainsaw, also known as a spelled chain saw is a small, portable, mechanical saw that is used for cutting. This device has a set of teeth that are attached to a rotating chain. This chain runs along a guide bar attached to the machine. This is widely used in activities like tree felling, tree cutting, limbing, pruning, cutting the firebreaks in the wildland fire suppression for the harvesting of firewood.

What Size Chainsaw Do I Need for Milling?

If you want to get freshly cut lumber or wood that is ready for use consists of several processes. The most important process out if all is called milling. If you want to cut down a tree and get the usable boards from it, you have to first need to mill the woods and the pieces of the logs down to the size of the pieces of wood you need. Log milling is generally done in large-scale mills and milling is done by using large machines that are automatic to get the task done in a short amount of time.

However, there are chances that you don’t always have to do a large scale operation when doing the lumber milling. But you will still need the required machine and a set up in your garden or backyard. If you want to do the milling of the wood, you can use a chainsaw and the appropriate attachments that are needed to carry out the procedure. You have to find out what type and size of chainsaw do I need for milling and along with the other important factors.

Why Use a Chainsaw for Milling?

You must wonder why you need to use a chainsaw to mill the lumber. There are chances that you don’t have a lumber mill in your backyard and in that case you will have to send the wood to a lumber mill. This will cost a lot of money and also you will have to hire a lumber truck and people to do the task for you. For this, you will have to pay someone else for the transportation of the lumber and the also for the services that will do the cutting for you. When you do the milling by yourself, you will be saving the costs and also increase the effectiveness.

Transporting the heavy and sized lumber costs money and it also requires you to hire a lumber mill to cut it to the size for you. However, if you use a good chainsaw that is of the correct power, length, and the correct milling attachments, you can perform all these tasks on your own in your backyard without spending any money. Your costs of spending will only be in the initial investment when you will purchase the chainsaw and the equipment. It is a great way to save money and is extremely economical.

Power and size of the chainsaw you will need to do the milling

The first thing when you have to use a chainsaw is you need to do research and search for the best chainsaw you can find. You will have to invest in a high-quality chainsaw. A good quality chainsaw is the one that will last for a long time and will be worth the money you spend on it. It is an extremely good idea to get the chainsaw so that you are comfortable while using it. Something that you should keep in your mind is that you shouldn’t buy the largest chainsaw available, but buy one that is ideal for you to handle otherwise the milling task could be difficult.

When choosing the size of a chainsaw, you must choose the size according to the kinds of logs that are to be milled. If you want to saw down the trees, it is advisable to go with a small chainsaw as it will take more time and effort to cut a tree with a large chainsaw. However, a large chainsaw would also finish the task. However, when it comes to milling the logs into boards, the tree has already been cut down; you will need a large and smooth chainsaw that is powerful enough to mill the lumber efficiently.

Engine Power

When it comes to a chainsaw, the most important thing is engine power. When you are milling lumber, the engine power of the chainsaw would help you to determine the amount of effort you will need to put into milling and how long it would take to get the job done and how smoothly the job will get completed.

It is also said that the heavier and more powerful the chainsaw, the better will be the job and it will be quicker to get it done. A powerful chainsaw will cut the lumber smoothly and it will be easier to control the chainsaw. For the best results, you should get a chainsaw with a powerful engine. Invest in a quality chainsaw if you want it to perform the task efficiently.
The length of the chainsaw is another important factor to consider when choosing the chainsaw. The average length of the chainsaw is a 20-inch chain and it will work perfectly. However, this length is not ideal for cutting large logs. For large logs, you will need 30 inches or more. Do keep in mind that there you don’t have to some general rule of thumb. The size of chainsaw you need depends on the size of logs and the lumber that is being milled.

Best Milling Chainsaw

The best milling chainsaw will ensure durability and above all strength and portability. You should get a high-quality milling attachment so that your chainsaw performs better. You cannot mill lumber if you don’t have the appropriate chainsaw attachments. Keep in mind that you will need to get the right size of the chainsaw to mill lumber if you want good cutting of the logs.  You can find some of the Best Milling Chainsaw at hardware stores and even at online stores amazing prices. Conduct proper research when choosing the brand. Compare the key specifications and features and prices before taking your pick.